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Vampires and other love stories...

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Browsing through my bookshelves recently and it suddenly occurred to me... I love a book series. And not just any book series, all the book series I own have something in common - fantasy, vampires and the supernatural. It seems that I just can't get enough. I have a confession, my guilty pleasure? I love a vampire love story! And I'm not ashamed to admit it.

There are varying levels (and extremes) of love story too, from 'Twilight' and 'The Vampire Diaries' to the Sookie Stackhouse series (The Southern Vampire Mysteries) to my most recent 'All Souls Trilogy', starting with 'A Discovery of Witches', 'Shadow of Night' and finishing with 'The Book of Life'. It's these books that I just can't put down. Take for example the 'All Souls Trilogy', these three books at nearly 600 pages each I read in a week and a half. I couldn't get enough. I was reading for hours into the night, without a second thought that I had to get up for work in the morning. I read during lunch breaks and while I was making dinner. I read while I should have been doing my housework (I confess to hiding in the bathroom so no one would find me), any chance I got to pick up that book I did. And when I had finished I was bereft, hating myself for reading so quickly.

The Sookie Stackhouse series was another that took over my life. This was not just one vampire but a whole host of them, with witches, shifters, wolves and fairies all thrown in the mix. I was in fantasy story heaven! Totally absorbed, I barely spoke to anyone for weeks. The wait for the final book in the series was a long one and then once that was finished I was lost... until the next series came along.

But why am I so obsessed with these stories? And am I the only one? What is it about these vampire stories that I can't leave them alone? I admit, my forty year old self reverts back to my teenage version. If I'm not reading about these vampire love stories I'm thinking about them or watching them on television (thank you Netflix).

Firstly, these vampire relationships are completely unobtainable! This is not the story of the boy next door where boy meets girl, they fall in love and live happily ever after. These vampire relationships are harrowing stuff! He wants to be with her but is craving her blood. She wants to be with him but he's immortal and she's going to be battling grey hair and laughter lines not to mention the substantial age gap between them. This is also a guy with a history, a big history, there are a lot of other relationships that can be had in a few hundred years - that's a lot of exes to be compared against. And let's not forget, there is always the chance of some kind of family feud where our heroine is going to end up in danger with the odds stacked against her and our vampire hero being the only one that can save the day.

I can't help it though, I want to read all about these brooding vampires, in all their possessive, angry, blood-hungry glory. Even though, I'll be honest, I do get incredibly frustrated with the all consuming love story that goes with it - the blood-hungry predator protecting his love interest, my cold, unromantic heart struggles with that. I'm sorry Mr Vampire, but I'm quite capable of looking after myself, thank you very much.

But my need to keep reading over powers my cold heart. These stories are so far from real life that I just want to read more of them. I think because they are so removed from everyday life I get to switch off from my daily stresses and worries and live this fantasy life. So, whilst I re-read a few of my favourites, I'd love to hear some recommendations of vampire stories to keep feeding my obsession.

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