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BOOK REVIEW - Burden of Truth: sequel to After the Green Withered by Kristin Ward

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

What the back says...

A choice is made, both irrevocable and dangerous. Joining the resistance was the first step. The ones that follow are infinitely harder. Enora Byrnes leaves the control of the DMC and joins a band of rebels living on the fringes of society. Now she will come face to face with the harshness of a community struggling to survive in a world controlled by those who will stop at nothing to hunt them down. She has become a traitor, a weapon for the rebellion. But, in this world, there is no black and white, no blatant lie or irrefutable truth. Enora finds herself somewhere in between. With every action she takes, the lines between right and wrong become blurred. Armed with knowledge and experience, Enora must choose which path to follow: the one that could bring hope for the future or the one that could bring a powerful entity to its knees.

When I start a new book series I do tend to fall in pretty deep. I read The Hunger Games trilogy in a weekend and then promptly started the series over again the following Monday morning. The same with the Divergent series... thank god for Amazon Prime! So, this was no different, I knew as I reached the closing pages of After the Green Withered that I had to see how the story ended. And, sorry to say readers, there is no happy ending here!

Like the first book, the author does not hold back, this story is brutal, possibly more so than the first book. This is a fast paced story, whilst coming to terms with the latest twist, shock, announcement, the the author has the next one all lined up ready to go. The body count increases and we find out what happens in graphic detail - almost shockingly so.

We say goodbye to DMC quarters and move to the rebel base, a stark contrast to what Enora and Springer have become used to. These conditions are harsh, rations are few and far between and resources are low to non-existent. And it's here that we join Enora in questioning exactly how they are going to win and if the DMC really are hiding a big secret, is it all really about power?

Whilst saying good bye to some we are also introduced to new characters. Namely Ander, and I think it was here, especially as a mum to a young boy of a similar age, that this story became a little hard going for me. It's been a long time since I have read a book that has made me feel nervous, scared and totally engrossed in. Kristin Ward planned and plotted a story that just as you think it's going one way, you are completely turned the other.

Hanging threads left from After the Green Withered are neatly, if not violently, knitted together, this is definitely a thought provoking read, especially as it could be a probable future. The relationship between Enora and Springer is almost effortless, their bond grows naturally and ends up just how you hope it would. For me, the jury is still out on whether I actually enjoyed the book but it was a definite 'must read' and even as I got to the last few pages I was convinced there was going to be a happy ending (spoiler book friends, no happy ending to be found here). There was never a point when I wasn't going to finish it and, like the first, I have already passed it on to a friend to read.

So, for those that have read After the Green Withered finish the story and read Burden of Truth. This is more than a must read and I will be interested to hear your thoughts.

Happy reading!

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