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A change is good...

I have always prided myself on being a die hard book reader, 'Give me any book and I'll read it' I would say to all that asked. But, as it turns out this isn't strictly true. You see, I have a type of book, a particular genre that I like and it's only recently that I have picked up on the fact that I have probably turned down the opportunity to read as many books as I have actually read!

So, what kind of book blogger does this make me? Do I continue to carry on as I am, loving reading and books but just the books I want to read or do I challenge myself to not turn down all the new reads offered to me. Challenge accepted...

The first books I took on were Only Ever Yours and Asking for It, both by Louise O'Neill, a new author for me and recommended to me by a friend from work. Reading the blurb on the back and the voice in my head was quick to tell me I wasn't going to like them. I'm very pleased to say the voice was wrong. Reading Only Ever Yours first, the story sucked me in straight away. The story subject, although fictional, gave you that small hint of 'what if this did actually happen?' This story is an extreme version of the teenage Social Media/perfect life scenario, where looks and image are important in a world where girls are created just for men.

The second book, Asking for it, was a tougher read. The subject matter was more serious with a character that I struggled to like - something done deliberately by the author. Again, I persevered and I'm glad I did. This was one of those books that kept you thinking long after reading the final page. It was a book that, in the end, made me very sad, sad to think of any young girl not only having to go through something so hideous but to then have to deal with the aftermath of whether or not she was believed. A hard read but so worth it.

Now, not only have I tried something different, I have also found a new author to rely on, opening more stories for me to enjoy. I'm almost embarrassed to admit how singular my reading choices have been. I won't apologise for my loyalty to my faithful favourites but I'm annoyed with myself on how much I have been missing out on.

At this half way point in the year, I'm making myself some half year resolutions - firstly, read all the books! Read the books recommended to me by my friends, read all the reviews from my fellow bloggers and add the books to my ever growing TBR pile. Do Not Give Up. Secondly, push myself out of my comfort zone, not just with my reading but life in general, challenge myself.

And now these words are out in the open, and you've read them, so I have to do it! So, fellow bloggers and readers, recommend away, I look forward to chatting with you all.

Happy reading...


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