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2020, I'm coming to get you... !

Yesterday I did the sad job of taking the Christmas decorations down and putting the tree back in the loft for another year. Whilst I was ready to have my house back into some kind of order, we'd had such a good festive break that I wasn't quite ready for it to end.

I finished 2019 in a vastly improved head space to the me of 2018. Don't get me wrong, I've definitely had my ups and downs the last 12 months but I think I have finally accepted a few things which has made by mind so much clearer. My main problem - I can hold a grudge, and not just for a while, I could do it for an eternity! But, where does this get me? Absolutely nowhere, it just leads to bad feelings and unhappiness. Secondly, I am definitely a glass half empty person, always looking at the negative so as to not be disappointed when it doesn't work out. Now, I'm not going to go into all the high's and low's of my 2019 - it's all a bit mundane and boring to be honest. In a nutshell, I started the year having a mid-life crisis, gave up job security for the self-employed life, made goals, lots of plans and have finished the year with the same goals and plans for 2020 as, quite frankly, I was too knackered to get any of them done!

But, I definitely learnt a bit about myself and life along the way, laughed a lot, cried a bit and am now just looking forward to what the next 12 months has to offer. I'm hoping to jump into 2020 almost looking like I have all my shit together - it'll be a test but if you don't try how do you know? I am trying the positive approach. I want to make this blog successful - I actually want people to read it, interact with it and me. I have had to give myself a wake up call, where do I want my life to go? I gave up a full time job, well paid and secure, to become my own boss, only I have ended up working for someone else's dream rather than my own. Totally absorbed whilst what I really want to do stays in the background as something I'll get to when I get the time.

I keep saying it, I'd almost convinced myself, but I want to write! And if I don't do it this year then it's never going to happen - I can't keep kidding myself. You can't write your story by just talking about it, it does actually involve getting some words down on paper!

So, let us all go into this New Year with our goals in place and a good plan to succeed. Let's make our dreams and plans, and most importantly, ourselves, the priority.

Happy New Year to you all, 2020, we're coming to get you!

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