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BLOG TOUR: Amari and the Night Brothers by B B Alston

Wow, just Wow - loved it, loved it, loved it!

What an exciting new read this is. Amari and the Night Brothers follows Amari Peters, a young black teenager just trying to find her way. Amari lives with her mum in a low income area and both are struggling with the disappearance of Amari's older brother Quinton. Quinton was the one person that Amari looked up to, he had worked hard and made something of himself but now he had gone missing and no-one seems to know what has happened to him.

It's the subject of her brother's disappearance that gets her into trouble at school. A school that she attends on a scholarship and one where her rich, snobby classmates are making it difficult for her to fit in. On arriving home that evening, Amari is visited by a strange delivery man with a package for her from Quinton. It's this package that opens Amari up to a hidden supernatural world and the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs. Here she learns all about the secret, heroic life of her brother, the super successful agent that he was and also the real reason he went missing. Is this a world Amari can become a part of? Can she become a Junior agent at the Bureau? And what will she learn about herself?

So, what more can I say about how much I loved this that I haven't said already? This book has just the right amount of everything. Secrets, lies, new worlds, supernatural beings, friendships, rivalries, monsters, mayhem and talking elevators. It's a solid YA fantasy novel with just a hint of Men in Black. I love that we have a strong, female character to fall for and we follow Amari on a journey of not only discovering this new world and the secrets around her brothers disappearance but also who she really is and what she is truly capable of. Seeing her develop and the relationships she builds with new friends - Elsie and Dylan - as well as new enemies - Lara - is an addictive read and I'm looking forward to reading what will no doubt become THE YA book series for both kids and adults!

Another big thank you to Dave at The WriteReads for both running and including me on this blog tour.

I received this as a proof hard copy in return for an honest review as part of The Write Reads Blog Tour.


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