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BLOG TOUR: The Rosewood Chronicles: Undercover Princess by Connie Glynn

As some of you may know, there is nothing I love more than a book series, and so knowing this was the first in a five book series was something of a good omen for me. Now, my usual series is something containing vampires, werewolves and magical creatures so a step into the princess world was a happy side step.

Undercover Princess is the first book in the Rosewood Chronicles series, the story follows two main characters - Lottie Pumpkin and Ellie Wolf - two new students at Rosewood Hall. These two teenagers could not be more different, one studious and well behaved, the other rebellious and a magnet for trouble. There is also the added drama of one being a princess in hiding. Thrown together as roommates at the prestigious Rosewood Hall, not only do they need to navigate their new surroundings, as well as their new school mates, but there is also a plot to uncover who the princess really is. What follows is a tale of mistaken identity, princess lessons and a very troublesome kidnap plot, the aftermath of which sets us up for the rest of the series.

For anyone that loves a Disney princess or likes a Princess Diaries boxset on a Sunday afternoon, this is the perfect book for you. Our main characters are a total contrast of each other but both likeable in their own ways, as the story progresses you can feel their anxieties and tensions but not in a stomach-dropping way, more that you are cheering them on because there is no other solution than for them to figure it all out. At Rosewood we are introduced to our supporting characters, we know straight away that there is more to Binah than meets the eye, and is Anastacia all that she seems? Or, is she also hiding a dark secret. The only

I very much enjoyed this book, it made a nice change to read something less teenage angsty compared to what I am used to. It was a total ray of sunshine to read, the only issue I had with the book was the way Lottie treater her friend Ollie, he was obviously someone who'd been very important in her life, supported her through her toughest time but he was definitely dealt a rough hand. I'm hoping this will be rectified in book 2 (which I have just bought).

A solid start to a series and a great opening introduction to these characters that I'm looking forward to see how they grow and develop. Thank you again to The Write Reads for this place on this blog tour.

I received this as a mobile publication in return for an honest review as part of The Write Reads Blog Tour.

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