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My plans for 2020...

A couple of weeks ago I posted about how I was ready for 2020, but I didn't actually tell anyone what my plans were... well, here they are!

Dedicate more time and content to my blog

This blog started as a bit of a lifeline for me really. After I lost my mum in 2017 and with numerous different things happening in my work and home life, mentally I was in a really bad place. The idea of my blog was to try and combine my love of reading and my want to write more whilst also managing my anxiety and depression. But, unfortunately, I found life getting in the way and for much of 2019 my poor blog was neglected and so I had to make a choice, carry on and make it better or close it down and add it to list of other things that I had started and never followed through with. So, as this year started, I gave myself a kick up the arse and made a promise that I would make something of this - no matter how big or small the leap would be.

Start a first draft of my book

I've said it before, but I have had a story in my head for such a long time that it's time to get it all down on paper. I've also decided to document my book writing journey on my blog - just to really complicate things! Keep your eyes peeled for updates.

Be more present

Like most people, I have a fairly demanding job, a house to keep clean and a family to organise. I am also a slave to my phone... texts, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, I get lost in it all. Before I sleep, I check my phone, if I wake up in the night, I check my phone, first thing in the morning, I check my phone. And so it goes on. But no more, my phone will no longer be beside my bed and social media time will be limited! Wish me luck!

Get back into exercising

Believe it or not, back in the day I was actually very fit! I exercised a lot and I loved it. I loved it so much that I actually qualified as a gym instructor. But, as is the common theme with me, it was something I never followed through with and, to this day, it's one of my biggest regrets. So I have promised myself that this year, at the grand old age of 43, I will get myself back into it. My gym membership is renewed and Spin classes are booked - send my your willpower and positive thoughts.

Read more

OK, I read a lot, but I could read more, and so I am, well, I'll try to anyway. My Goodreads challenge is in place and I am 1 book down for 2020, 49 more to go. Let's smash this!

Take care of myself, both physically and mentally

Over the last few years my mental health has taken a total battering, my work life was stressful and hectic and I felt like I wasn't on top of anything. I was miserable, my life was taken over by a job that I didn't even enjoy doing. Last year I made a big change, switching my job and aiming for a less stressful work/life balance. Unfortunately, it didn't happen work out how I had planned and I was soon sucked back into the grind. With all the changes I make in my life, it always points back to my mum - she was 59 when she died, only 16 years older than I am now. Do I want to look back and realise that I wasted the best years of my life, time I could spend with my husband, son and maniac dog, by doing a job that was building someone else's dream and making their goals become reality. Not anymore, work will pay my mortgage but it will no longer dictate my life or my mind.

So, there you have it - MyHappyReads 2020 - how are your plans coming along for the next 12 months? Keep in touch and let's smash 2020 together.

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