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Series after series after series...

I'm not entirely sure what started it, and I'm not convinced it's over yet, but it would seem my coping method for lockdown has been a good book series (and Netflix and gin... obvs). Looking through the books I read over the last few months and the majority were all part of a series, all with one thing in common - fantasy.

My reasoning behind this? I needed to get away from home schooling, pandemics and working from home by disappearing into a different world. I needed dark but dreamy characters and a fantasy world that I could lose myself in. I wanted vampires, demons, angels and love stories. And I got those in abundance.

I was very lucky to have discovered the Venators series, thanks to TheWriteReads and the Write Reads Tours, these were some of my favourite books of 2020 (you can read the reviews for the books here, here and here). It was a slow escapism into these but once I was in I wasn't going anywhere.

From here, I revisited some old favourites, I re-read the Vampire Diaries series. I have to be honest, I preferred the TV show (mainly down to my hopeless crush on Damon Salvatore... I really need to remember my age)! But again, these books were taking me somewhere different. I wasn't a 40-something mum struggling to keep on top of my high-pressure job from my kitchen table whilst also homeschooling my 5 year old. Suddenly, the walls of my house were not closing in on me any more and, for at least an hour a day, I was able to to be somewhere else.

Vampires then lead me to angels and demons, I moved onto to the Shadowhunter series - after I had binge watched the Netflix series of course, are you seeing the connection yet? I became a Malec worshipper, I began thinking about rune tattoo's, I started to wonder if I was slowly starting to lose my mind...

Readers, my lockdown fatigue is real, I have one foot in reality and the other in whatever fantasy series I am reading next, and if you haven't read them, the Shadowhunter series is long. There is a danger that I will end this pandemic with full body rune tattoo's and a penchant for vampire hunting whilst holding a large gin and tonic. But, do you know what? It's got me through, and anything to get to the end right?

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