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So, what's the dream... ?

'So, what's your dream? What's the goal'?

'I want to write'

'Really? What do you want to write'?

'Books! I have so many stories in my head that I just need to get them down on paper'

'That's so great, how are you getting on?'

Well, like this....

Please tell me I am not the only one that feels like this? For so long my goal has been to write. I've had so many story ideas formulated in my head. I've made notes, chapter plans, character biographies, draft copies, plot guides and plans. And yet, the main job just won't happen for me. I am so critical of my writing that as soon as I read it back I literally cringe at the words. Now, if I can't read them, how can I expect other people to?

When I read books by my favourite authors I always wonder if they feel the same when their words go down on paper. Is it a natural thing to not like what you've written or is this just another example of my complete lack of confidence in everything I do?

So, where do I go from here? Do those stories stay in my head or do I persevere and just get the words down. Do I have enough courage to get someone else to read those words instead? Let's be honest, we are all self critical, especially about things we care about. Then there is also the question - how do I write? Does the old notepad and pen hold more appeal than typing away on my old laptop. Handwriting is great until you get so tired you can't actually make out the letters any more. And what happens when that thousand words you have just typed away at mysteriously get deleted or, god forbid, you forget to save!

I have learnt recently to do things one block at a time. For a long time I have always concentrated on the final goal, panicking, stressing and rushing myself to get through all the small steps to reach the final. But all along the secret is simple, complete things one step at a time. So, this goal of mine, the dream, is going to be broken down one piece at a time. Let's not get ahead of ourselves, I am not about to write the next Sunday Time's Best Seller, but I am going to write my story, my way and get it finished! I might even read it myself...

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