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The Isolation Diaries... so much to do and so many hours to fill...

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

So here we are, another three weeks of isolation to go and my gut feeling is it will go on longer than that. Our house seems to have slipped into it's 'new normal' now, and I do wonder if we will be able to go back to how we were before. Positive changes, we're not spending money! Obviously, the weekly shop is still happening but everything else has stopped. In fact, I'm not even sure I've opened my purse in the last few weeks! Whether this change will carry on after lockdown remains to be seen. I have also ventured out of pyjama's and into proper clothes! Go me! Brushing my hair and the prospect of a little bit of make up is the next goal. Not so positive is the problem with sleep patterns. Is anyone else having ridiculously vivid dreams recently? I either fall asleep straight away and wake up at 4am or I am awake for hours, finally falling asleep and then oversleeping - although not sure how oversleeping could be a problem as I haven't set an alarm in the last month. I'm feeling permanently knackered which is not good for someone like me.

Like other parents out there, homeschooling is a bone of contention in our house right now. I have a five year old that would rather learn from Netflix than the various books, apps and computer links that I have for him. I have a running fear that, when he does go back to school, he's going to be miles behind the rest of his classmates. But, this fear is not reciprocated, and other than missing his friends, he's having the time of his life at the moment. He may not go back to school knowing all his phonic sounds or write a complete sentence but he'll be riding his bike without stabilisers and telling everyone all the different types of Pokemon and their powers. A parental win right there.

As for me, I anticipated a lot more free time than I actually have. So much so that I have managed to enrol myself in 24 online courses! Now, I like to be busy but even for me this seems excessive. So, where will this leave me when normality kicks back in? Well, I will either have 24 courses still to be completed or I'll be the best qualified proof reader, copy editing, personal training, life coach, mindfulness practising writer specialising in children's stories, fantasy, romance, crime, travel, script writing, report writing and blogs with experience in Admin, PA and secretarial... Phew! I'm also apparently going to lose two stone and completely change my figure. This is right after I stop eating Malteser chocolate bunnies. I amaze myself with my aspirations sometimes...

The daily walks with the hound are getting a bit better, it's not so much a sprinted drag round the block but a fast paced jog - we're making progress, one walk at a time. Along with this, my first world problems continue. For the first time in 18 months I no longer have gel nails on my fingers. I kept them going as long as I could but it was time to accept defeat. I am now left with broken nails and fat stumpy fingers. Added to this, my eyebrows have totally disappeared off my face, I think it's fair to say I have aged 10 years the last few weeks.

And that is my life at the moment, fairly boring really. I'm sorry I don't have anything more inspiring to say. There is so much bad news around at the moment it's hard to stay positive. But just keep reminding yourself that this won't go on forever and whilst things may never get totally back to normal, it won't always be this difficult. Keep in touch with your friends and family, try to stay sane and stay safe. And if all else fails... there's always Gin!

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