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The Isolation Diaries... week 2 (or 3, I've lost count)

So, how are we all doing? It's tough isn't it? There's so many worries and anxieties in the world at the moment it's hard to stay positive but stay strong my friends. This will all end in time, we just all need to do our bit - stay home, stay safe and wash your hands!

I'm currently on week 3 of my isolation, I haven't left my house since the 16 March, which was my birthday by the way. Unfortunately I was ill (not 'that' ill), a stinking cold and barking cough that, under the current circumstances, meant hiding away from the world. And so, for the last 3 weeks, we have been tucked away in our little house trying to stay sane. What have I learned about myself these last three weeks? Well, a few things actually...

I love a list! Now, this will not be news to people that know me but my need for a list has grown! But not just one list! No, I have three! I now have a timetable tick list every day or jobs and things that myself and my son need to do at home. Then there is my list of work jobs that need to be completed that day, and finally my blog list, sadly neglected the last couple of weeks, but now it's all written down it will start happening - there's something very satisfying about a big red tick next to a completed task.

Housework is not my friend. My mum was very house proud, she loved to clean, and tidy, and clean again. I have not inherited this gene. That's not to say I don't keep a tidy house but if there was a choice between anything else in the world and cleaning my house, the other thing would win.

Endless washing. Cleaning may not be my favourite thing but, my word, it would seem I love to wash things. Endless loads of washing everyday, the washing machine has never been so busy! I don't know where all the clothes are coming from (more on that later), but they're definitely getting clean. The downside to this of course is that I have to iron and put them all away, which is not happening. So these lovely piles of clean washing are routinely being moved from the bed to the floor whilst also becoming a substitute wardrobe as we all chose our clothes for the day from the clean washing pile rather than the are actual wardrobes.

I like new things. I'm not ashamed to admit it, I love new things and I love to shop. When this is all over, and if I have any money left, I am going shopping! To be honest, I may have to buy myself a new wardrobe by the time this is over if I don't start moving away from the fridge. The only things we are spending money on at the moment is food, the plus side being, it's definitely made us much more careful with money, it's had to, but I can't wait for the day I can buy myself something new... and a Chinese takeaway!

I have made myself a few promises whilst we are in this isolation phase. Firstly, I will try and be positive for how ever much longer this will go on for. I have enrolled on a couple of online courses to keep my brain active and give me something to do other than re-watch The Vampire Diaries again on Netflix. Secondly, I'm forcing myself out the house everyday (in the daylight this time) for my daily drag round the block with the dog - if I get really inspired, I may even try to train him to walk properly on the lead - for me, it's much too easy to stay indoors. Lastly, I'm going to try and wear 'proper' clothes every day rather than my usual uniform of late of faded, baggy leggings and out of shape hoodie. Whilst this has been a step up from the first week where I lived in my pyjama's, my fashion choices have been getting a bit too daring recently, the other day I wore white pants underneath black leggings - daring or just plain lazy? I'll let you decide.

That pretty much wraps up another week for me. Keep going everyone, remember, the quicker we all stay in, stay isolated and finally kick this thing the quicker we can all get back to normal, or our new normal, whatever that may be.

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