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The soggy month of February...

Updated: Feb 7

Welcome to my very first monthly round-up, I'll try not to keep you too long. So, the dreary month of February has finally come to an end, the wet, dark days are now hopefully behind us and we can look forward to some Spring sunshine.

I had started this year feeling very positive about what I was going to achieve in the year ahead, by the time we had got to the beginning of February my anxiety had reared it's head again and it's fair to say I was struggling. I was finding work increasingly stressful which impacted my sleep patterns and my motivation for anything and everything was non existent.

When I feel like this my initial response is to isolate myself, I just need to be in my own company as I find having to be 'normal' in front of others hard work. I sit and analyse and question everything that has happened in my life in the last few years and deal with intense paranoia, dissecting whether I will have a job to go to the next day, whether so and so is talking about me, plotting to push me out of my work or the constant worry that I have made a massive mistake somewhere. It's a tiring business.

Through this, my reading suffered slightly, although I'm pleased to say I managed to read two of the best books I have read in a long time. The first one, 'Queenie' (review can be found here) was a bit of a sneaky one for me. It wasn't a book I had planned to read and I'm also ashamed to say, I hadn't actually heard of it. But, it was given to me to read by my friend and I just could not put it down. Don't you just love it when a book sneaks up on you like that?

The second one, 'Grown Ups' by Marian Keyes (review can be found here) was one I had been waiting for for a long time, ever since I finished 'The Break' last year. Marian is one of my go to authors, I absolutely love her - I love her writing style, her humour, her character style, and the way she weaves such heartbreaking stories into her characters lives with such ease and wit. I can't recommend this book enough.

I also discovered a hidden gem book series by Annie Darling, I have finished the first - 'The Little Bookshop of Lonely Hearts' and am currently reading 'True Love at the Lonely Hearts Bookshop'. The final one of the three,'Crazy in Love at the Lonely Hearts Bookshop' will round off the series and once completed I will review all three books on my blog.

My current read is one for a Blog Tour coming up very soon - make sure you follow the WriteReads Twitter feed for more info - this promises to be a good one.

So, as this miserable, damp, month came to an end I was lucky enough to be involved in a management training session at my work. This was a really eye opening experience for me, the whole course focusing on mindset and retraining the way you think - I absolutely loved it. I'm sure we have all been involved in courses for our jobs at some point in our careers, some you enjoy and may get one or two things from, others can be a waste of a day but at least you get a free lunch. This one, for me was a game changer. It really made me analyse my habits, the way I think and react to people and situations and it's made me want to change my brain for the better. This won't just be something that will help with work but my whole life - I'll keep you all in the loop as I go on my journey.

And this completes my first monthly round-up, a quiet month but one that I hope will now change me for the better. I hope you've all had a good one? Let me know how you've got on.


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