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Part of the gang...

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

As I approach my one year anniversary of blogging (15 August to be exact) I have to thank one group and one person in particular for keeping me going. I'll be honest, when this blog started I literally had no idea what I was doing, in fact I'm still not entirely sure but thanks to one tweet asking if there would be any book bloggers interested in joining the Write Reads gang I'm here and still going.

Since the Write Reads started nearly a year ago, I have been inspired, entertained and motivated by every blog and review posted daily. This is all down to one person, Dave. Sometimes I wonder if he realises exactly what he has managed to do in bringing this awesome group together. The amount of work that goes into running this is immense but he does it all because he believes in it.

And if this is not enough, Dave is always there, and the end of a direct message, answering questions, dishing out advice and just generally being a top human. I started my blog because I needed something to focus on when my mum died. My anxiety was through the roof and I had no interest in anything. My blog was a bit of an escape to begin with. It's still not everything I want it to be, and in no way in the same league as most of the blogs featured. But I have never been made to feel inferior or that I don't belong. In fact, if anything, I am more encouraged to keep going. With each 'blogoftheday' or 'reviewoftheday' that I have been featured the response has been progressively better - how can anybody not be motivated by that?

So, this is my thank you to Dave, a person I have never actually met but, with the Write Reads and Write Reads gang, has helped me more in the last 12 months than anything else. I will forever be grateful to be part of this bookish world, meeting new people and inspired to try something different. If you're not part of this awesome gang yet then you should be. What are you waiting for?


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